Handicap Rules

  1. The 'Infirmary Cup' shall be open handicap and will be organised for charitable purposes to be decided by the Management Committee. Entrance fees shall be decided as per Rule 5
  2. All other handicaps shall be open to players registered with the clubs forming the Tameside Bowling League. Entrance fee shall be decided by the delegation at rule revision meeting.
  3. Addition entries or substitutions will not be permnitted after the closing date of each handicap except in the case of 'Pairs' handicaps when one player substitution will be permitted in the preliminary rounds, only players who have played in qualifying rounds to play in the final day
  4. The Management Committee will select and allocate the venue of each handicap and players MUST attend at the green allocated.
  5. Clubs in membership of the league must be prepared to allow the use of their green at least once each season.
  6. Strike-out times will be strictly enforced
  7. Handicaps shall not exceed five start. The winners of handicaps will lose 3 points, runners-up 2 points, semi-finalists 1 point in the handicap they have been successful in the following year.
  8. All handicaps shall be 21 up, including the 'Merit'
  9. Any player drawn to play on a green of which he is a playing member will lose 2 points of his handicap and 1 point each in any pairs handicap.
  10. There shall be no practice on the appointed greens.
  11. Prizes for each handicap shall be decided by the League Management Committee and their decision shall cover any matter not contained in these rules.