Match Rules

  1. Scoring 1 point for an individual home win; 1.5 points for an individual away win; Aggregate home win 3 points; Aggregate away win 3 points; Draw home team 1 point; Away team 1.5 points.
  2. Games 21 up. BCGBA in-date tested jacks to be used. Visitors to have first throw of the jack. 15 minutes prior to the start of each game the visitors shall have sole use of the green for practice using match block. Any player abusing this rule shall take no part in the match.
  3. Teams nominate their home match night
  4. At all greens with floodlighting, evening matches shall commence at 7.00pm. OTHERWISE Captains must have a full draw for 6.30pm in April, August & September, and 7.00pm in May, June & July for evening matches, and 2.00pm for afternoon matches, at which time the matches will commence. Before commencement of match, score cards must be numbered in playing order.
  5. Four games or more must always be maintained. These can be five if both captains agree.
  6. In accordance with Rules and Bylaws Rule 5, a match levy per player shall be paid at the end of the season.
  7. Team sheets to be signed by both captains in legible writing. The home team is responsible for posting it to the Match Secretary within 7 days. Failure to comply means a fine of £1.
  8. Any match being started and abandoned through inclement conditions, the completed games to stand and the rest of the games to be played within 14 days.
  9. Unless the Greensman has declared the green unfit to play, no matches to be abandoned until one hour after the official start time.
  10. Subject to rule 19, a match shall be between 10 players. In the event of a team being short of players, 21-0 shall be entered on the match team sheet.
  11. Matches to be played as per fixture book except for county cup matches and where inclement weather makes play impossible, the match must be played within 14 days and the Match Secretary informed of the new date within 7 days. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  12. One team may postpone a match but must give their opponents at least 7 days notice in writing. The mutally re-arranged date must be given to the Match Secretary within 14 days of cancellation. ON failure to comply with this requirement, the offending team shall be fined £10. The Executive Committee will nominate a date and if necessary the venue on which the match shall be played
  13. All matches to be played under BCGBA rules. The two captains or vice captains shall act as referees and measures. Their decision shall be final.
  14. Visitors are not allowed to practice on an opponents green three days before a league match (including day of the match), club members excepted.
  15. Clubs with 2 teams shall register 10 players to play in the clubs first team to be called starred players, any 2 of whom may play in the second team at any one time. Should any starred player not play in at least 4 of the first 6 matches then the player or players who have substituted shall himself become a starred player. Then starred player or players in default will remain starred players.
  16. Clubs who have 2 teams or more in the same division must have seperate registrations for each team. Players can only play for one team.
  17. All matches must be played with 14 days of the end of season. i.e. After the last league match - otherwise match will be void and no points awarded.
  18. Winner of Premier league to be handicaped by 20 chalks on home matches.
  19. Any team having 8 or 9 players to be able to re- draw up to two players. The opposing Captain to draw, at random, any available player/s. The match card must show which game/s were played first for the purpose of averages, as only the first game/s will go toward the re-drawn player’s average.
    Any re-drawn player/s will concede 5 chalks at home and 3 chalks away on the score-card.