Rules and Bylaws

  1. The league shall be called The Tameside Men's Bowling League and it shall be affiliated to the Greater Manchester Bowling Association.
  2. The league shall be managed by a council consisting of the President, Deputy President, Treasurer, Secretary, Match Secretary, Executive Committee and one delegate from each member club who shall be entitled to one vote. Meetings shall be held on the first Sunday of the month as arranged at 11:00am, except in December and February when there will be no meeting. Three quarters of the council shall constitute a quorum.
  3. The league officials as listed in rule 2, along with two auditors and an executive committee of seven, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held before 31st January. At this meeting, each club is entitled to one vote.
  4. A General meeting may be called at any time by the Executive committee or on the written request of at least half the clubs in the league.
  5. The annual subscription for each division shall be decided at the AGM. All the payments to the league shall be reviewed at that meeting.
    (a) Accounts shall be paid to the Treasurer of the league before the May delegates meeting and all other accounts to be settled by 30th September. Failure to pay accounts by the required date will result in a fine of �5
    (b)Each club shall pay a guarantee fee of �1 for each competing team which shall not be returnable.
    (c)Any club who withdraws a team from the league after the AGM will have to pay the first account.
  6. The monies belonging to the league shall be banked in the name of the league at Royal Bank of Scotland plc (Hyde Branch) and all withdrawals shall be signed by the Treasurer and either the President or the Secretary. The monthly bank statement shall be produced for inspection at each league meeting.
  7. The accounts shall be audited by the two auditors and a copy of the balance sheet shall be provided to each club 14 days prior to the AGM.
  8. Each club shall be furnished with a copy of the rules.
  9. Each club shall register it’s players with the Match Secretary prior to any League or Cup game.. Registration fee as per Rule 5.
  10. No player shall bowl for more than one club during the season without the permission of the council.
  11. An enquiry in to any suspected breach of rules may be instituted by the Executive Committee at their discretion or at the request of any club who may lodge a complaint. In all such protests, a copy of which must be forwarded to the offending club within seven days of the alledged offence. The appellants must deposit the sum of 50p, this is to be returned should the protest be upheld or forfeited in the event of the complaint being unsubstantial or frivolous.
  12. In the event of any club declining or neglecting to appear at or co-operate at, any enquiry or to furnish such particulars as maybe required, the Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with such club at their discretion.
  13. Promotion and Relegation of two up and two down, where practical.
  14. Any club withdrawing before completing their fixtures shall have their record expunged. Registration must be submitted 14 days prior to the AGM, otherwise they will be liable for the ensuing seasons commitments. Any trophies must be returned to the league
  15. All matches to be played under the BCGBA rules
  16. The expenses of the league, if the anual balance to be adverse, shall be borne in equal prportion by each team.
  17. Any club failing to send a delegate to a monthly meeting shall be fined �1, and a further �5 if less than 75% attendance at all meetings. No one delegate can represent two clubs.
  18. Where a fixture has not been fulfilled but a team sheet showing positive results has been submitted to the league, the penalty shall be �5 and the club severely censured.
  19. All matches played off scratch.
  20. Any club in arrears with it's anual levies or any club member in arrears with his club subscriptions for the previous season shall not be eligible to compete in the ensuing years fixtures until such arrears have been paid
  21. Any matter not provided in the foregoing rules to be dealt with as the Executive Committee decide, their decision shall be final.
  22. A prize of �25 awarded to the player with the most points scored by winning matches. 1 point for a home win, 1.5 points for an away win. In the event of a tie, the player with the highest average to win
  23. Any alterations or additions to the rules to be made at the half-yearly meeting on the 1st Sunday in November.
  24. Notices of motion for rule changes to be in the hands of the Secretary by the 1st Sunday in October.
  25. If two teams finish on an equal number of points, then the team having the least number of points scored against them to be placed in the higher position.
    (a) If after this, it is still equal then the team with the most individual winners shall be placed in the higher position.
  26. Veterans Handicap. Each club to donate. As per rule 5.
  27. Any bona fide bowling team within the Greater Manchester area, and particularly in the area of Tameside Metropolitan Borough may apply for admission to the league. Such applications should be made prior to the AGM.
  28. Any contravention of Rules and Bylaws or by any other improper behaviour by a club or any memeber may result in one or more of the following penalties:
    (a) A fine.
    (b) A deduction of points.
    (c) A readjustment of position in league table.
    (d) Relegation to a lower division.
    (e) Disqualification from one or more competitions.
    (f) Suspension.
    (g) Withholding of prize monies.
    (h) Expulsion from the league.
  29. Any prize monies not collected at presentation to be forfeited.
  30. A Fine of £10 will be imposed on winners of cups who DO NOT return cups for October meeting.
  31. All clubs to have a levy of £15.00 included in subcriptions for the Annual Presentation Evening.
  32. Every club shall place a list of their playing members in the club house for inspection.