Individual Handicaps

  1. LEAGUE HANDICAP; A league handicap shall be organised by the sub-committee for all registered members. The allocation of green and the draw shall be notified to all clubs prior to the commencement of the competitions. Subject to the availability of greens, the dates for the competition will be as follows:
    Handicap prelim. round Match nights in June
    Finals day. 2nd Sunday in July.
    On or before April meeting, clubs to notify the league of the availability of their greens for the selection of venues.
    a) Subject to the number of entries, the greens used in the preliminary rounds shall be decided by the sub-committee. Depending on entries, a maximum of 16 players to qualify for the Final day.
    No monies to be paid to qualifiers who do not compete on the finals day.
    b) Each team shall enter a minimum of 5 players in the competition at a fee of £2.00 per entrant. Individual entries will be accepted at the discretion of the committee. £2.00 for each name submitted unless notice of withdrawal is sent to the registration secretary fourteen days before preliminary round. All players to play at the venue nominated by the sub-committee. All competitors to have played in at least one league match in order to take part in the competition.
    c) No competitor shall be drawn on their own green in the preliminary round. Any player drawn on their own green in the final shall lose 2 chalks.
    d) The start of the competition shall be decided at the delegate meeting with a definite strike-out time, which shall be the same as the draw time. No practice will be allowed.
    e) That in the event of a team not submitting their list of names by the May meeting before the draw, such club shall forfeit their right to have any names included in the competition, and will be fined a sum of money equivalent to the compulsory entries (£10.00).
    f) Handicap Marks:
    Top 5 Clubs in the League - Scratch. Bottom 5 Clubs in the League - +3
    g) In the event of a player winning the handicap, he shall lose 3 chalks, losing finalist 2 chalks, and losing semi-finalist 1 chalk each. These marks to take effect the following season and recovered at 1 chalk per season if the competitor participates. All matches to be 21 up no matter handicap a player has (including a minus handicap which will be adjusted to zero).