Pairs Competition

  1. PAIRS COMPETITION All teams to enter the Pairs competition rules of the cup competition will apply, except that the Handicap Marks will be as per Appendix. Rule 19a applies but if 2 players are required, they must not have already played together as a team in the match.

    The result of the match shall be determined by the team having the highest number of points, plus any handicap allowed as per appendix. In the event of a tie between two teams, the match result shall be determined by the number of games won

    No team to be allowed to play any player in the final unless he has played in at least three divisional league matches for that team.

    Entrance fee for the Pairs Competition - £3.00

    All evening matches outside June and July to start at 6.30pm and September at 6.15pm.

    Team sheets to be made up 1 hr after scheduled start of game after which no alteration can be made. No player shall be allowed to play their game unless they are present before the completion of the fourth game and No single player to compete. No practice to be allowed on the Final Day.