Match Rules

  1. CUP & TROPHY RULES: All teams to enter the Coombs Cup. Losers in the Prelim and First round to enter the Wilcox Trophy. All teams to enter the Pairs Competition
    The qualification for persons to compete in the ‘A’ team is that a player must have a minus average in the first team league matches on the closing date of the registration for the competition. No cup games during Waterloo Week. Rule 19a applies in the competitions.
    a) The draw for the competition will be made by the sub-committee and run on handicap lines.
    Handicap marks: See Appendix.
    The first team drawn to be the home team. In the event of two teams playing on the same green being drawn together, blocks to be split 5 each.
    b) If a club has more than one team in the competition, the ten players taking part in any round of the event constitutes registration for that particular team, and the chosen players must remain with the same team throughout the competition.
    c) The result of the match shall be determined by the team having the highest number of points on aggregate, plus any handicap quoted in the appendix. If the result is a tie, then the team with the highest number of games won to go through as winners. If the result is still a tie, the match to be replayed there and then by 3 players a side, selected by the teams captains. The names to be placed in separate hats and re-drawn. A proportion of handicap marks to be given where appropriate in any play-off.
    d) No team to be allowed to play any player in the semi-final or final of the Coombs Cup, Wilcox Trophy or Pairs competitions who has not played in at least 3 divisional league matches for that team.
    e) No practice is allowed on the semi-final or final day of the competition. The commencement of the final to be decided by the sub-committee. The semi finals and final to be arranged on neutral greens.
    Entrance fee for the competitions: Coombs Cup and Wilcox Trophy £4.00 Pairs Comp £3.00
    f) All evening matches outside May, June and July start at 6.30pm except September when the start is 6.15pm.
    g) Team sheets to be made up 1 hour after scheduled start of the game.
    h) The dates for the finals of the competitions shall be arranged by the sub-committee.
    i)The trophies to be returned to the League Secretary at least fourteen days before the finals are due to take place.
  2. LEAGUE MATCHES. The league shall be composed of one division. The formation of the leagues and re-organisation due to resignation of clubs shall be decided by the sub-committee. To eliminate play-off matches, the position in the league will be decided by the number of away points gained. In the event of a club entering more than one team in the league, the second team will be called the “A” team, the third the “B” team, and so on, depending on the number of entries. Each Home win to be awarded 1pt; each away win 1½pts. The aggregate is the total chalks scored plus any handicap received. Home aggregate 3pts; Away 4pts.
    a) Averages will not be calculated on less than 3 games for any team.
    b) A first team player with a minus average is eligible for the “A” team, and an “A” team player with a minus average is eligible for the “B” team.
    c) In the event of a club having two or more teams in any one division, those team players will be considered of equal merit, and no player may play for more than one team in any one division unless the player has a minus average in the league.
    d) To qualify for a league average prize, Individual performances to be based on points per game. If tied, then average and then to be decided on away points.
    e) Clubs must notify the registration secretary of their league average nominees as soon as possible after the league programme, and no later than the October Delegates Meeting.
    f) All clubs having two or more teams in the same division must complete their league fixtures against each other by end of July.
    g) The League result will be decided on number of chalks scored plus any handicap as detailed in the appendix.
  3. All matches to be played on Monday or Tuesday evenings under BCGBA rules, unless permission is obtained at the AGM to play on another evening.
    a) Games to be 21 up. Teams to be ten per side. If any team were only to field 8 or 9 players on any occasion a supplementary draw may be made from the players listed in games 1 to 6 to play again in order to complete the fixture. Any home player redrawn against a player who has not previously played forfeits 5 chalks. In the reverse case 3 chalks to be forfeited. When both teams use the same home green, 3 chalks to be forfeited by either team. The captain must let the opposing captain know before the draw is made and then must offer the opposing captain the choice of drawing the players from the 6 already drawn to play twice; these players will then player N°1 and N°10 and N°2 and N°9. Only the player’s first score will go towards the averages. The rule would be firm but in the spirit of the game discretion may be applied by agreement of both captains.
    b) Matches shall commence at 6.30pm except during May, June and July when they shall commence at 7.00pm and September when they shall commence at 6.15pm, with a minimum of 4 blocks maintained at any one time where possible. Team sheets to be made up one hour after schedule start after which no alteration can be made. No player shall be allowed to play his game unless he is present before the completion of the 6th game.
    c) Provision to be made for the visiting team to practice fifteen minutes prior to match start. Standard blocks to be made available. Clubs not complying with this rule shall be deemed to have committed an offence.
  4. Both teams must send detailed results of matches to the registration secretary not later than THREE days after the match. Clubs failing to do so will be fined 25p for each offence. All scores to be taken in duplicate and at the conclusion of the match, the captains shall sign both match cards. The captains to officiate as referees. All disputes shall be settled by the captains, whose decision shall be final. Markers to be appointed by the captains and separate cards provided. The markers must check the scores every fourth end. In the event of any discrepancy, and if the captains fail to agree, then the scores to go back to the last end at which both teams showed agreement.