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Coombs and Wilcox Cups

by Alf Hulme - Secretary - Wednesday 14 June 2017

Wilcox Trophy Semi Finals;


GM TRansport (35)     v    Hyde Club "A"  (40)

Francis Shaw   (15)     v    Hyde Park       (10)


Coombs Cup Semi Finals:


Hyde Club       (5)      v    Stalybridge Rec  (30)

Alstom            (0)      v    Alstom "B"        (25)


Dates and Venues to be arranged.

Please remember: All players must have played 3 league games for the Team.



League Handicap

by Alf Hulme - Secretary - Tuesday 09 May 2017

Entries are now due for the League Handicap 2017.


Prelims -  Monday 26th June 2017 (Greens: Alstom and GM Transport)

              Tuesday 26th June 2017 (Greens: Francis Shaw and Hyde Club)

Final Day 9th July 2017 @ Hyde Club.