Individual Competition Rules

  1. Individual competitions covered by the rules are:
    a. Longdendale Individual Merit
    b. Longdendale President's Handicap
    c. The Jack and Jean Isherwood
    d. Bob Perry Pairs
  2. Entries for the Longdendale Individual Merit and the Jack and Jean Isherwood Individual Competitions will only be acceoted on the official entry forms supplied to each club by the league. For all remaining competitions entries may also be accepted on the day in addition to those already entered on the official entry forms. No entries accepted once the draw has been made.
  3. Entries must be posted to the Match Secretary no later than the published closing date.
  4. No entries for the Longdendale Individual Merit or the Jack and Jean Isherwood Individual competitions will be accepted after the closing date indicated on the official postal entry form.
  5. The draw for both qualifying and finals day will be made on the day of the event, immediately after strike out time has been declared
  6. For any day events, and qualifying rounds of other events start and strike out times will be simultaneous
  7. On finals day of competitions where ther have been pre-qualifying rounds, qualifiers who are not present 15 minutes after the official start time will be automatically struck out
    Where a player is awarded a bye but is then due to play someone who has played in an earlier round of the competition, he will be allowed 10 minutes timed practice.
    Players signing in on the day of the Longdendale Individual Merit must do so on a declaration form. Apart from their signature they will be required to indicate that should they progress to a point in the competition that would qualify them to play in the Derbyshire Individual Merit, they wish to attend or not attend the event. Any player committing to participate in the Derbyshire Merit and then subsequently failing to do so, will be barred from nomination to the county merit for the following 5 years. However they will still be eligible to play in the Longdendale Merit.
    This practice to be taken at, or as near as is feasible to the time when his prospective opponent is on the green.
  8. The Longdendale Presidents Handicap shall be played on a green chosen by the executive committee prior to the start of the season.
    The handicaps for all entries shall be as follows:
    All Division 1 bowlers +3
    All Division 2 Bowlers +6
    Previous years winner and runner-up to recieve an additional handicap of -2 and -1 respectively.

    Enties from home-based players will be accepted however they will recieve and additional handicap of -2.

    Any player totalling a minus handicap shall start from scratch and their opponent receive the additional handicap (i.e. -1 and 6 becomes scratch and 7)

    Games to be 21 up
    Dress Code MUST be strictly adhered to during BCGBA Qualifying Competitions (i.e. BCGBA Vets Merit and Longdendale Individual Merit).