William Husband and Jim Winning Competition Rules

  1. All individual teams from every club to compete in the opening round of the William Husband Cup. Clubs with two or more teams to enter all teams
  2. All teams who lose in the opening round of the William Husband Cup to be entered automatically into the Jim Winning Plate.
  3. Where a club with more than one team wishes or is forced to withdraw a team from the competition then it is the lowest ranking team which must be withdrawn. Where necessary, player vacancies on the higher ranking team may be filled by players from lower ranking teams.
  4. Any winning team who can’t meet the requirements of the following round will be eliminated from the competition and the match awarded to their opponents of the previous round.
    Re-number all subsequent rules.
  5. Player Qualification:

    Where clubs have more than one team, players will be automatically cup tied to the for which they play their first cup/plate match of the season.
    Eligibilty to play in any round of either competition is dependent on the players concerned meeting the qualifying games requirements for that particular team, as follows:

    a) William Husband Cup
    1st round - Automatic qualification. After which the player will be cup tied to that team.

    b) Jim Winning Plate
    1st Round - Must have played in at least ONE LEAGUE game or cup game for the team to whom he is cup tied, or played for that team when they lost in the 1st round of the William Husband Cup.

    For Both Competitions
    All subsequent rounds including the quarter finals - Must have played in at least ONE LEAGUE game for the team to whom he is cup tied.
    Semi-Final and Final - Must have played in at least TWO LEAGUE games for the team to whom he is cup tied.

    Players who have played for one team are not eligible to play for any other team in either the William Husband Cup or Jim Winning Plate.

    Penalty for infringement of this rule will be the award of that game to the opponent with a score of 21-0. In addition the offending club will be fined £10 in respect of each individual offence.
  6. Team handicaps as per handbook. All Handicaps to be determined by the Executive Committee before the season commences.
  7. All games to be played on neutral greens. Venues and placement of ties to be determined by the Executive Committee.
  8. No practice to be allowed on the designated green by players from the competing clubs during the 3 days immediately prior to the cup match, nor on the date of the match.
  9. No draw to be made, teams to be listed, in advance, in playing order, then the lists paired by the captains prior to the commencement of the game.
  10. Teams to have alternate and equal leads of the jack at the opening ends of each game. Order of lead to be determined by the toss of a coin.
  11. In the event of a tie, 3 players from each of the original teams to play a decider immediately after the match. Handicap to be 3/10 (30%) of the original match handicap. In the event of a further tie the winner will be the team with 2 or 3 winning players.

    Example of revised handicap

    Original handicap = 32. 32 x 3 = 96 divided by 10 = 9.6, rounded up to the nearest whole number, therefore new handicap score = 10.
  12. Winning team to be responsible for posting the result sheet to the Match Secretary.
  13. Winners to hold the trophies for 12 months.
  14. BCBGA + League rules shall apply to anything not covered by these cup rules.
  15. Teams reaching the final round should submit a team sheet listing the names and playing order of their teams for the final. This is to be submitted to the Match Secretary on or before the Wednesday of the week the final is due to be played.
  16. All matches shall be played under BCGBA rules. The two Captains and Vice-Captains shall act as Referees and appoint Measurers, their decisions shall be final. BCGBA rules in respect of marking and checking of scores to be strictly adhered to, in the case of any dispute with regard to scoring the referees (as defined above) to attempt first to mutually agree and to implement the correction. Where no agreement can be reached then the game will resume, from the score recorded at the last end at which both score cards agree.
  17. Where a minus handicap score is involved the team with the minus handicap should start from scratch (0), the opposing teams handicap score should be adjusted so that it includes the score from their opponents.

    e.g. Team A -21 v Team B +24
    Team B's handicap will be revised to
    (24 + 21) = 45 for this match.
    Result sheet should show:
    Team A (0) v Team B (45)
  18. Bowlers who are playing for clubs involved in any team finals will be expected to wear suitable attire in accordance with BCGBA recommendations.