Match Rules

  1. 1. Competing teams shall number 10 players. Any team failing to supply 10 players shall be fined £2 for each player missing. Where one or more players are missing the result on the sheet must be recorded as a walkover (written as w/o not 21-0). Any club failing to comply with this rule shall be fined £5 for each offence.

    Any team having only 8 or 9 players to be able to re-draw up to two players. The opposing Captain to draw, at random, any available player/s. The match card must show which game/s were played first for the purpose of averages, as only the first game/s will go toward the re-drawn player’s average.
    Any re-drawn player/s will concede 5 chalks at home and 3 chalks away on the score.
    Teams can only re-draw players in a maximum of 3 games in any season.

    For clubs with more than 1 team in the league, this rule does NOT apply to that clubs senior team.
    This rule does NOT apply to any scheduled or rearranged games played after 31st July.
    This rule does NOT apply to any William Husband Cup or Jim Winning Plate matches.
  2. Clubs with 2 or more teams in the league, if short of players. are allowed to have a player play for two teams on the same day (double up), This is provided that the player concerned does not have a plus average for the senior team. Both results will count towards the players end of season average. If a club has more than 2 teams in the league a senior team player can only drop down one level.
    e.g. Player from team A can play for team B as long as his average is minus at the start of the game. Player from team A is not eligible to play for team C.
  3. 3. Scoring:- 1 point for individual home win.
    1½ points for individual away win.
    Aggregate:- home win 2 points
    away win 3 points
    draw - home team 1 pt, away team 2 pts.
  4. Games 21 up, BCGBA tested jacks to be used. Visitors to have first throw of the jack.
  5. Captains must have a full draw ready for 2pm for afternoon matches, 11am for morning matches and 7pm for evening matches at which time matches will commence
  6. Four games, or more if the captains agree, must always be maintained.
  7. Match result sheets to be checked, agreed and signed by both captains in legible writing. Failure to comply with any part of this rule will attract a fine of £2

    The home team is responsible for posting the result sheet to the Match Secretary, in time to reach him by Wednesday of the following week. Failure to comply will attract a fine of £2
  8. Any match started, and abandoned through inclement conditions, the completed games to stand, and the rest of the games to be played within 14 days, or if that is not possible at the earliest feasible date. On no account are the conditions of rule 11 to be infringed.
  9. Unless the greensman has declared the green unfit to play, no match to be abandoned before one hour after the official start. If during the course of a game, it becomes so dark that the jack cannot be distinctly seen from the footer, any player may have a light exhibited at the jack if he so requests, or may appeal to the referee, whose decision shall be final, for the game to be postponed. In the event of postponement, owing to the above cause or any other unforeseen circumstances the points scored by each player shall count and the position of the jack shall be marked. Any match being abandoned may be played/continued anytime within the season, all scores shall stand and continue on the re-arranged date of the match. When a game is only partially played and one player cannot turn up on the re-arranged date, a substitute shall be allowed to play, the original score to stand. Where a substitute continues the game, that game will NOT contribute to either players average.
  10. Matches to be played as per fixture book. Matches may only be postponed for the following
    reasons :-
    1) Inclement weather. The home team’s greensman or captain has the final decision on
    whether the green is fit to play on or not.
    2) One of the competing teams can’t raise enough players to field a team.
    Clubs having more than one team in the league will only be able to postpone their First Team match if :-
    a) The Match Secretary agrees to the postponement
    b) The opposing team captain agrees to the postponement
    c) The match is played within 30 days of the original fixture date. The Match Secretary
    must be informed of the revised date.
  11. With the exception of match rule 9 teams are required to fulfil their fixtures in accordance with the published fixture list and dates. No other postponements or cancellations of fixtures shall be allowed except in exceptional circumstances.
    Clubs wishing to postpone a match must give the opposing team at least four days notice of their intention to do so and notify the Match Secretary. Clubs failing to comply to be fined £15 in respect of each separate offence. Clubs giving the opposing team less than 48 hours notice will be fined £25 and incur an immediate 5 point deduction. At the same time they must offer the other team a list of alternative dates on which they are available to play.
  12. All postponed or re-arranged league matches must be played BEFORE or within 14 days of the date set for the last scheduled fixture of the relevent division as published in the league handbook.

    Team captains who do not have alternative date(s) for a postponed match(s) by the first Saturday in September must notify the Match Secretary immediately.

    Teams who cannot agree on an alternative match date by then will be instructed to play on a green, date and time declared by the Executive Committee. Failure by either team to provide a full team on this date will incur a fine of £5 for every missing member.

    If a neutral green is used the team originally designated as the home team shall score 1 point for every win and the team originally designated as the away team will score 1.5 points for every win.
  13. Visiting players are not allowed to practice on an opponents green within 3 days immediately prior to a league match.
  14. All matches to be played under BCBGA rules. The two Captains and Vice-Captains shall act as referees and appoint measurers, their decisions shall be final. BCGBA rules in respect of marking and checking scores to be strictly adhered to, in the case of any dispute with regard to scoring the referees (as defined above) to attempt first to mutally agree and to implement correction. Where no agreement can be reached then the game will resume, from the score recorded at the last end at which both scorecards agree.
  15. Visting teams to have sole use of the green for 15 minutes of practice before the match commences match jacks to be provided for this practice. Captains to declare their teams 1.5 hours after the start of of the match, any player chosen to play must be present before the start of the last four games. Visiting team captains to be allowed to practice for 15 minutes during the home team practice time.
  16. When the clubs have more than one team in the league then in descending order of merit the teams shall be known as A, B, C etc. Players may play for any team representing their club subject to their averages which will be compiled after they have played three matches in any one division. Where a senior player has a plus average he will not be eligible to play in a junior team. Zero is deemed to be a minus average. The penalty for infringement will be the award of the game to his opponent, for which the score of 21-14 will be recorded, offending clubs to be fined £10 for each individual non-qualifying player. Fines to be paid on or before the October delegates meeting.
  17. League fixtures of clubs having two or more teams in the same division shall be arranged so that they play one another within the first three weeks of the season. The corresponding reversed fixture being played at or shortly after the halfway point.