League Rules

  1. The league shall be called the Longdendale and District Bowling League
  2. The purpose of the League is to provide competitive bowling for crown green bowlers. Participation in all league and competition events will therefore be restricted to bowlers registered with the League. The only competitions restricted to male bowlers are the Longdendale qualifiers for the Derbyshire Senior Merit and the Derbyshire Vets Merit.
  3. The league shall be managed by a council consisting of the President, Vice-President, Chairman, Secretary's, Treasurer and one delegate from each club, each entitled to have one vote. Meetings to be held at the league Headquarters on the dates specified by the executive committee at 8:30pm during the playing season and at 8:00pm during the closed season. Five to be recognised as a quorum
  4. The league officials as named in rule 3 along with the auditors and an executive committee of between 5 and 7 members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held before 31st January. At this meeting each club to be entitled to one vote.
  5. The executive committee to administer and execute the business of the league as instructed from a general meeting, or as specified in the league rules. On behalf of the league the executive committee is empowered to deal with all matters relating to discipline, handicapping or the organisation of events. In addition the executive committee will be required to formulate policies, procedures and new/revised rules for adoption by the league council or AGM
  6. Three to be recognised as a quorum
  7. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the executive committee or by a formal request supported by at least half of the clubs in the league, such a request to be in writing.
  8. Each club shall pay a Gaurantee Fee upon initial entry into the league. The sum paid to be returned to the club on leaving the league, providing it has fulfilled it's obligation and fixtures
  9. The accounts shall be audited by the Auditors and each provided with a balance sheet at the AGM
  10. Each club shall be furnished with a copy of the rules.
  11. Each club shall supply a list of players complete with their BCGBA Registration number to the Match Secretary by the 20th March. Player registrations will be allowed until 30th June, no further registrations will be allowed after this date.
    Players without a BCGBA Registration No. will not be eligible to play in the league.
    An annual registration fee will be due in respect of each player registered.
  12. An Annual Subscription shall be payable in respect of each team entered into the League. An interim account will be published before the end of April, £50 to be paid by all clubs on, or before the end of May. Annual team subscriptions plus the player’s registration fees plus all other outstanding accounts to be settled by 30th October. Clubs failing to settle their account by this date will be liable to a fine of £30.
  13. Players may be permitted to change clubs during the season if :-
    1) Both clubs agree to the transfer
    2) The league Executive Committee have no objection
    3) The player has played no more than 3 league or cup games for the original club
    4) The transfer is no later than 30th June
    5) If the player has played a cup game for the original club they are deemed to be cup tied and may not play for the new club in the Jim Winning Plate or William Husband cup.
  14. An enquiry into any suspected breach of the rules may be instituted by the Executive Committee at their discretion, or at the request of any club who may lodge a written complaint. In all such protests, a copy of the complaint lodged must be forwarded to the alleged offending club by the complainant within seven days of the offence. The appellants will be required to deposit an appeals fee, this is to be returned should the protest be upheld, or forfeited in the event of the complaint being unsubstantiated or frivolous.
  15. All complaints to be dealt with by the Executive Committee who are requireed to meet in a manner which is timely to the nature of the point(s) at issue. In the event of any club declining or neglecting to to appear to co-operate at any enquiry or to furnish such particulars as may be required, the Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with such clubs at their discretion.
  16. Any club withdrawing before completing their fixtures shall have their records expunged. Resignations must be submitted 14 days prior to the AGM; otherwise the club concerned shall incur an immediate penalty of £50 to meet the ensuing season's commitments and financial obligations.
  17. In order to provide neutral greens for the playing of League Competitions all clubs are required, upon request, to make their green and facilities available to the league free of charge and at their own cost. The only exception to this rule to be clubs playing upon municipal greens owned by the local authorities who charge match fees. In such cases the clubs concerned will only be required to provide their green and facilities free of charge on 2 occasions per team per year, on such occasions the clubs concerned should ensure that a representative is available on the day in order to pay the necessary charges and provide jacks, mats etc. Should the League request any such green to be made available on more than 2 occasions specified in one season then further match fees incurred shall be borne by the league funds
  18. All matches to be played under BCGBA rules. All member clubs are required to register their members in accordance with BCGBA rules
  19. All member clubs to be affiliated to the Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association.
  20. League Expenses, If the annual balance be adverse, shall be borne in equal proportion by each club
  21. Any club failing to send a delegate to any delegates meeting shall be fined £3 for each non-attendance and an additional £10 if three consecutive meetings are missed. Fines to be paid on or before the October delegates meeting. No one delegate can represent two clubs. Attendance at meetings to be determined by roll call.
  22. Any proposal to alter, add, or delete League or Competition rule can only be approved at the AGM. Such proposals must be made at a League Council Meeting or submitted, in writing, to the league secretary at least 28 days prior to the AGM so that he can then give each club 14 days notice of the proposed changes.
  23. Where a fixture or any part of a fixture has not been fulfilled, but a team sheet showing alleged results has been submitted to the league, an appropriate fine shall be administered.
  24. Merit Award to be determined by the players average, plus the addition of 1 point for each game played up to a maximum of 2 games less than the total matches for the division. Games where a player has a walkover due to the opposing team playing short, that game will be included in the number of games played but will not be included in the calculation of the players playing average (i.e points for minus points against divided by games played).

    To qualify for the Merit Award players must also play in one of the final two away fixtures in the League Handbook.
    i.e. Games in division = 22
    Player A plays 22 games with an average of +8.52. His Merit Award score would be 8.52 + 20 (the maximum number of match points available) = 28.52
    The winner of the Merit Award in each division shall receive a trophy and a cash prize to be determined by the Exec Committee.
  25. Clubs shall not arrange any Open Handicaps or Competitions on the same day as a league handicap, or any other closed competition organised by the league. Clubs failing to observe this rule will be liable to expulsion.
  26. All clubs are required to enter and/or pay for a minimum number of entries into the Presidents Handicap and Dave Drury League Merit organised by the League and in accordance with the following table:-
    Clubs with one team - 4 entrants
    Clubs with two or more teams - 6 entrants

  27. Upon request, each member club to delegate a representative to assist in the organisation and running of league events on the day.
  28. Any player or club member in arrears with his subscriptions from the previous season shall be inelligible to play for any club until he has paid his outstanding arrears.
  29. League to comprise of an appropriate number of divisions. Recommendations for the number of divisions and teams with each division to be made by the Executive Committee and submitted for approval to the delegates meeting.
  30. At the completion of the league season the top two placed teams in each division other than the highest division to be promoted to the next higher division. If two or more clubs finish on equal points then initially the club having the greater number of wins shall be placed higher. If match wins are equal then the total number of chalks scored home and away between the clubs concerned shall be considered. The team scoring the highest number of chalks overall shall be placed the higher. Relegation of existing teams and placement of new teams accepted into the league to be decided by the Executive Committee.
  31. Any matter not provided for in the forgoing rules to be dealt with as the Executive Committee decide, and whose decision shall be final.
  32. Foul or abusive language on or around the bowling green to be discouraged. Team Captains or acting Captains to ensure that all members of their club who are present behave in a correct and proper manner and in such a way as not to give offence to any third party.
    Any official complaint made to the League relating to player(s) or club member(s) shall be considered by the Executive Committee, should they decide that the complaint is justified then appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken. Depending upon the nature of the offence this may lead to warnings, fines, points deductions, disqualification or even disbarment of the players from the League.
  33. Each club to pay a nominal sum annually towards the administration and upkeep cost of the league's website.
  34. The winner of the league averages in each division shall receive a trophy and a cash prize to be determined by the Exec Committee.