Author Topic: Ashton CC £800 One Day Pairs Classic  (Read 195 times)

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Ashton CC £800 One Day Pairs Classic
« on: October 04, 2018, 08:54:24 PM »
Ashton CC £800 Classic Pairs One Day Open
21st October -
10am Start with Refreshments available all day
Prize Money as follows-
winner £300
R-Up £150
Semi £75
Last 8 £50

The Field at this time this is not the draw which will be made on the day

1.A Hayes + Partner
2.M Ogliev+ A Pearson
3,G Smedley+Partner
4.M Sutton + G Sutton
5.N Grant +Partner
6.C Hamilton +S Horsefield
7.A Murray +Partner
8.C Goulding +A Eccles
9.P Barlow + C Mellor
10.I Cranston + P Thomas
11.G Gwilliam +Partner
12.G Hickey + Partner
13.C Jolley +Partner
14.M Heap +Partner
15.P Heap + J Ashton
16.P Morris + Partner
17.A Flemming + Partner
18.A Dawson +P Savory
19.C Bly +P Leah
20.C Eaton + G Hoof
21.I Sedden + Partner
22.A Thornton + B Thornton
23.T Eccles + M Hargreaves
24.D Walker +P Sutcliffe
25.J Hynes + D Wilkinson
26.M Linguard + R Hampson
27.J Duckworth + A Spence
28.N Brown + Partner
29.D Betts + Partner
30 A Raymond + Partner
31.S Ellis + W Usher
32.S Greenwood + Partner

I will continue to take entries but not many more and the prize money will change with more entries we get